Clinical Lead Conference 2020

On 30th November 2020 the Faculty held its annual Clinical Leads Conference. all attendees had access to pre-recorded lectures which where then discussed in the Q and A session held on the 30th. We would now like to give access to these pre-recorded sessions and they can be access below. The recorded Q and A session is available below, we suggest watching the lectures first.

These sessions will be available until 15 January 2021.

Enhanced Care: Dean Dr Alison Pittard

ACCP Training and Accreditation – the future: Ms Rachel Pascoe, Lecturer in Nursing at University of Plymouth

Life After Critical Illness:  Immediate Past-Dean, Dr Carl Waldmann, Dr Joel Meyer, Dr Andy Slack

Changes to Clinical Commissioning of Critical Care Services – The Future? Professor Jane Eddleston, Commissioning Lead

Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT). Critical Care and possible implications for your unit: Dr Anna Batchelor, GIRFT Lead

How to set up and run a Critical Care Research Nurse Team: Ms Jade Cole, Team Lead, Cardiff Critical Care Directorate, and Research

Animation Support on ICUs: Professor David Wald

Full Conference Question and Answer Sessions: recorded on Zoom 30 November 2020

My path to critical care pharmacy and the FICM Pharmacy Sub-Committee

Emma Taylor

I originally chose to study pharmacy after being inspired by some family-friends who owned their own community pharmacy. I studied at Nottingham University, and only changed my mindset towards hospital pharmacy at the very end of my degree and managed to secure my Pre-Registration Pharmacist year in my local district general hospital. My training was excellent, I loved the clinical aspects of the job, and I was encouraged by the team to progress my career in hospital pharmacy.

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October – New Academic Year and A New WICM Chair

Liz Thomas

New academic year – new blog post!

Hello – I’m Liz Thomas – a consultant in intensive care medicine and anaesthesia and I am delighted to have taken over the role of Chair of the WICM committee from Dr Rosie Baruah. I have been on the WICM committee for almost 12 months.

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Who still believes in Santa and science?

Matt Morgan

As I look through my office window at yellowing patches of summer grass, it may seem strange to talk about Christmas. But these are strange times. I remember being told that there are three stages of life – first you believe in Santa, then you don’t believe in Santa, then you are Santa.

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#BetterTogether: The Critical Care Team

Sarah Clarke

One of the difficult jobs during this pandemic is not only our dedication and commitment to best care of our patients, but the supervision and support of those less familiar to the Critical Care environment. This may be our own trainees, but also others for whom the decision to come to our ‘space’ hasn’t necessarily been their own; and includes other specialty trainees, senior medical staff, nursing colleagues and allied health professionals.

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